Monday, July 11, 2016

Happy FHG Owner

Fröling FHG 20/30 (100,000Btu/hr) wood boiler. Gas back-up boiler.
Thermal Storage: Custom built 600 gallon open atsmosperic tank with heat exchangers.
Domestic Hot Water: Solar Thermal with 120 gallon Indirect Water Heater.
Sold and Installed By: Sun Energy 1599 270th Avenue, Mora, MN 55051

Customer has completed his third heating season and is thrilled with his system. He is estimating a yearly savings of over $1,500.00. His yearly fuel consumption is 6-7 full cords of wood. The installation is located in a urban area which shows that a wood boiler does not have to be installed in the country.

Froling FHG wood boiler with owner

Froling FHG Flue

A new outside flue needed to be installed.
Froling FHG wood pile

Customer’s wood pile.

Featured Fröling FHG Wood Boiler Installation

Fröling FHG 20/30 (100,000Btu/hr) wood boiler.
Thermal Storage: Two 300 gallon ASME steel tanks.
Domestic Hot Water: Turbomax 23
Sold By: Sunwood Biomass 124 Fiddlers Green, Waitsfield, VT 05673
Installed By: Jackman’s Inc. 32 Pine Street, Bristol, VT 05443

The system is installed in an 1,700 sq. ft. home with radiant floor heat on the main floor and traditional baseboard on the second floor. The customer replaced the old oil boiler with the wood system and a new efficient gas boiler for back-up. The two tanks were insulated by constructing an insulated box around the tanks. This is very easy to do and can be done by the homeowner. This installation has R-42 in the walls and R-48 in the ceiling. One thing to remember, the tank sensors must be insulated to the tank. This enables them to read tank temperature and not the air temperature around the tanks.

The customer is amazed at how easy the boiler is to use and start. They maintain over 30 wooded acres, so plenty of wood fuel to sustain them into the future.

Froling FHG Wood Boiler

Froling FHG Wood Boiler

Tarm Biomass 300 Gallon Tanks

Two 300 gallon tanks shown before the insulation was installed. Tarm Biomass can also supply all the neccessary fittings for the tank’s manifolds. They are piped in parallel (reverse return), so water flows evenly between both tanks. The two 300 gallon tanks act as one single 600 gallon tank.

 Tarm Biomass thermal Storage

Tanks with completed insulation.

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