Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Daigle Oil’s New Bulk Pellet Delivery Truck

Daigle Oil Pellet Truck

Daigle Oil, our dealer in Northern Maine has just purchased a pneumatic wood pellet delivery truck. Their wood pellet delivery service, branded as DOC Bioheat will service customers in Aroostock and Penobscot counties. Daigle Oil has been a Tarm Biomass dealer for over 5 years and has just sent a team of technicians to our location for training on the Fröling P4 wood pellet boiler. So, If you are interested in a wood pellet boiler for your home or business in northern Maine, please give Daigle a call.

Featured Installation: Fröling P4 Fully Automatic Pellet Boiler-Madbury, NH

Systems Installed: Fröling P4 32/38 with a 300 gallon thermal storage tank. External approx. 5 ton silo.
Installed and sold by: John Abbott Enterprises, Inc Center Barnstead, NH 603-608-8124  jabbott@johnabbottnh.com www.johnabbottnh.com
Completion Date: December 2011

The new Fröling P4 wood pellet boiler is installed in the home’s detached workshop to the existing heating system. There are also evacuated tube solar panels installed on the roof for domestic hot water production. The home is approximately 2,500 square feet including the workshop.

Froling P4 Install Madbury

Froling P4 External Silo

Froling P4 32/38

Froling P4 chimney Connections

Rear of Froling P4 32/38

Solar Tubes

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