Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Featured Installation: Froling P4 Fully Automatic Wood Pellet Boiler-St Johnsbury, VT

System Installed: Froling P4 20/25 wood pellet boiler with 220 gallons of thermal storage.  
Fuel Store: External 13 Ton Silo 
Completed Date: Late 2009 
Installed By: Sunwood Biomass Waitsfield, VT 802-496-4910

Froling P4 St Johnsbury 1

Outside of home. The pellet silo is on the right.

Froling P4 Wood Pellet Boiler 2

Froling P4 20/25 Wood Pellet Boiler.

Click Here For more information on the Froling P4 Fully Automatic Pellet Boiler

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Βιομαζα said...

Pellet boilers are becoming very popular all over the world. Nice post. Greetings from Greece!

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