Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Featured Installation: Froling P4 Automatic Pellet Boiler-The Putney School

Systems Installed: Two P4 48/60 wood pellet boilers linked together with cascade control. 
Wooden store room with over 20 tons of pellet storage.
Completed Date: Fall 2011 
Installed By: Froling Energy Peterborough, NH  (603) 924-1001 www.frolingenergy.com 

Froling P4 Putney 1

The administration building that is being heated with the pellet boilers.

Froling P4 Putney 2

Side view of the same building.

Froling P4 Putney 3

Two Froling P4 48/60 wood pellet boilers.

Froling P4 Putney 5

Under side of fuel store room.

Click Here For more information on the Froling P4 Fully Automatic Pellet Boiler

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