Monday, May 30, 2011

Fröling Energiespartag: Heating with Wood Pellets and is in Great Demand

Interested parties from all corners of the flow on 28 May for Fröling Energiespartag after Stritzing at Grieskirchen. The many visitors were able to convince them that heating is not necessarily expensive. Not only from Austria but also from Germany traveled to many interested parties and were impressed at the innovation Fröling mile from the convenience of modern logs, wood chip or pellet heating.
Convenient, innovative, state of the art
Especially great was the interest in the new wood chip boiler T4, the new log wood / pellet SP Dual, comfortable on the firewood boiler S4 Turbo and the condensing boiler pellets P4, is with an efficiency of over 104% (Hu) is reached. As a top product in the compact class convinces the firewood boiler S3 Turbo, which is an unbeatable value for money alternative to cheap wood gasification. The visitors were particularly impressed by the sophisticated technology, for which Europe is known Fröling.
Attractive program
Especially in the plant tours through one of the most modern steel processing centers in Austria there was massive interest. Cheap genius took advantage of the free advice from the Upper Austrian energy savings association and informed, for example, on the promotion process and the energy certificate.

Sales Manager Prok Gerhard Schoefberger handed Simon Chalk Huber a voucher worth 10,000 €, which was drawn as winner of the Fair contest (energy-saving exhibition).

There was great interest in the plant survey. The production plant in Fröling Stritzing is one of the most modern steel processing centers in Austria.

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